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Kats is a boutique located in the historic Olmsted district of Swampscott, Massachusetts and beside 2 beautiful beaches with a skyline view of Boston. We offer unique clothing & jewelry and aim to transcend the typical boutique setting by engaging with our community through educational and artistic events.


Our main line of jewelry as well as our inspiration is the pearl. It is the only precious gem that comes from a living thing and represents our love and appreciation for the ocean and the world around us. The pearl holds an iconic place in fashion as a symbol of strength and femininity equally, embellishing hollywood icons, queens, politicians, lawyers, and mothers. It's the most nostalgic jewelry piece that is passed down from generation to generation. We also connect with the pearl's journey. Pearls start growing inside a mollusk because of something that's hurting within. Sometimes our troubles and suffering are what eventually reveal the beauty and the best of our character.

Everyone has a pearl in them;

sometimes we just need help to discover it


At Kats, we place an emphasis on more than just style and aesthetic. We delve deeper, bringing an appreciation and awareness to fashion by offering:

  • made to order clothing from independent designers

  • USA made lines

  • Fair Trade merchandise

  • locally crafted jewelry and clothing

  • handpicked vintage finds 


Our lines reflect our values and desire to connect fashion to the human touch behind it. We are excited to serve our town as a multifaceted boutique that aims to better and inspire our community through fashion! 


Katerina and Ana 

Find the pearl in you. 
Katerina Nenshati

Katerina Nenshati


Katerina moved to the U.S. in 1994 from Albania with her family, and has lived in Swampscott since 2000. Katerina has 20 years of experience in retail and is excited to finally have her vision for her own business come to life. She is also a classically trained pianist and has worked as a private piano teacher for youth for nearly 20 years. Katerina is bringing this skill directly into her shop, having moved her baby grand piano in to host events such as concerts and poetry readings. Katerina is moved by classic designs of decades past, expressing personality through style, and fashion's place in culture. She wants this space to reflect her community as well as her own culture and family history.

Ana Nenshati


Ana is Katerina's daughter and business partner. It has been a fulfilling journey for Ana to help realize her mother's dream of owning her own shop. Ana's background is in environmental education, having graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies. She currently serves the state of Massachusetts as an urban forester. Ana is now fusing her passion for social and environmental issues into retail by finding merchandise that is made in the USA, fair trade, and/or use sustainable methods of production. Ana is also the boutique's photographer!

Ana Nenshati

Of course we can't leave out our beautiful cats as a source of inspiration. Casper is the grumpy one with the Paul Newman eyes and he knows it. Lucy is Katerina's angel; she is the most nurturing creature, and always by her side. Bagheera is Ana's impulsive find that didn't sit well at first but no matter how much trouble he gets in, we love his playful spirit. 

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